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I Learned a Valuable Lesson from the Flea!
Author: John O'Brien, CFP
Release Date: 2/14/18
It was rough in the stock market over the last week. On Monday, February 6th, the Dow Jones Average fell 1,100 points. That’s a lot of points, but it’s not the whole story. While the media draws you in with a bold scary headline they did not explain or support why the market dropped so suddenly. Allow me to share with you a story from a long time ago… In the late 1980’s after graduating college, I moved into an apartment that was rather basic . . .
Use These Tips to Eliminate Taxes in Retirement
Author: Robert Falcon, CPA, MBA, CFP® Candidate
Release Date: 2/6/18
IRAs and 401(k)s today are the main source of retirement funds for new retirees. These have replaced the defined benefit pension plans that your parents and grandparents relied on upon to fund their retirements. Unfortunately, many avid savers in IRAs and 401(k) plans may not realize they are setting themselves up to pay huge tax liabilities when they are forced to take mandatory withdrawals when they turn 70 1/2. Even with the lower tax rates enacted in December 2017, some married retirees . . .
Here are some money saving tips plus good news for K-12 tuition.
Author: Robert Falcon, CPA, MBA, CFP® Candidate
Release Date: 1/9/18
Just before Christmas, President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (hereafter “the Act”), which is designed to stimulate growth and employment in the American economy. Included in the Act are some provisions and opportunities for parents of students in K-12 and those saving for college, and the planning tips that follow could save parents thousands of dollars over time if faithfully implemented. 529 plans are currently the most popular vehicle . . .
Get a Second Opinion on College Funding Advice
Author: Robert Falcon, CPA/PFS, MBA, CFP® Candidate
Release Date: 11/21/17
Just after Halloween, I attended a college planning session at a local high school that was put on by two experienced college planning professionals. While the first hour of their presentation was informative, toward the end of the session, misstatements and exaggerations were made and pressure tactics employed to motivate the attendees to act right then and there. As with any big financial decision, parents should get a second opinion on the financial advice they are given by so-called . . .
And you'll be subsidizing the Smart Students
Author: Robert Falcon, CPA, MBA, CFP® Candidate
Release Date: 10/30/17
In the 1970s, I have a clear memory of my father (a sheet metal worker) coming home from a construction site on a bitter Pittsburgh winter evening. As he came in the back door into the kitchen, his face beet red from windburn, he turned directly to me saying, “Bobby, get good grades and go to college so that you don’t have to freeze your [part of anatomy] off.“ Back then, going to college was easy: you applied to a handful of colleges, including one . . .